Contributions To Learning

This semester has really flown by and I can’t believe we are at the end already. Although completing the semester online did have some challenges, there is so much technology out there to help stay connected, support and learn in this environment. My classmates and I were able to help support each other’s learning via, twitter, blog post comments and the Slack community.

The way I have helped support my classmates learning was by commenting on twitter, sharing resources and commenting on blog posts. Below are a few examples:

This course has taught me so many ways of how we cans support each other’s learning. Before taking EDTC300, I was never much of a twitter person, but I have really grown to like it. There is such a huge network of University students and teachers who are all willing to collaborate, share, help and contribute to each other’s learning. Even though we are pre-service teachers or teachers already we know that we will never stop learning. One of the things I really liked about twitter was the SaskEd chat we participated in. It was really cool to see everyone sharing their thoughts about certain topics. I am very thankful for this course because not only was I able to help contribute to someone’s learning but my classmates were also able to contribute to my own learning.

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