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Learning Project – Wrap Up

As part of the EDTC300 course this semester, we were challenged to learn a new skill using online resources. I decided to challenge myself to learn to embroider. This was something I have been wanting to do for sometime now, so why not try it now. I feel extremely privileged to have the online resources to learn this new skills. There were so many blogs, videos and resources online to help me with me learning project.

This is a summary of my learning experience:

Week One: One week one I decided the embroidery would be my project of choice. I made a rough draft plan of what my next steps would be, which where to watch videos and familiarize myself with embroidery, practice basic stitches and get some supplies.

Week Two: Week two I went out and purchased my supplies that I would need for this project which was thread, embroidery hoops, fabric, needles, and some scissors. I also revisited my plan to lead up to my final embroidery piece.

Week Three: Week three I watched some online tutorials on basic stitches. I proceeded try out these stiches and get familiar with stitching. Something I did notice was I was having a hard time staying in a straight line. To correct this I drew on my fabric as a guideline.

Week Four: Week four we were challenged to find a new learning resource. Mine was an app I found called “Embroidery by Arlene Crafts”. This app was helpful and taught me some new stiches and new patterns for my embroidery project.

Week Five: Week five I moved onto something more challenging and gave my best try and embroidering leaves and also completed a basic piece. I followed tutorials and YouTube and also looked for some inspiration on Pinterest.

Week Six: Week six I looked for more resources to grown my learning about embroidery. I came across 3 different blogs, Martha Stewart, Sublime Stitching and The Spruce Crafts. I found Sublime Stitching the most helpful and used that resource for the rest on my learning journey.

Week Seven: Week seven I took sometime to think about what I wanted to do for my final piece. I found some patterns online but at the end of the day I wanted the artwork to be my own, so I drew up a design that I wanted to be on my final embroidery piece. I also found a new learning resource which was Skill Share.

Week Eight: Week Eight I transferred my design onto my fabric and got started with the first few stiches. Since this was a more complex piece than the others one’s I have completed I came across new challenges, like getting tangled up a lot. I searched the internet and came across a video that shows what to do when you get tangled and how to correct your work.

Week Nine: Week Nine I continued to work on my piece and little by little it all started coming all together. One of the things I underestimated when before learning to embroider was how time consuming it really is.

Week Ten: Week ten I was able to complete my project. Although it was very time consuming I am really happy with how it turned out. I also came across another learning curve which was the threads showing through the front. Again I turned to technology and searched for a way to fix this and was able to correct it.

I am really happy with my learning journey, as I was able to use the online resources available to me to learn a new skill. Below are my projects I was able to complete this semester. I think this is an activity I will continue to pursue, I think they would make good presents or décor to my house.

Contributions To Learning

This semester has really flown by and I can’t believe we are at the end already. Although completing the semester online did have some challenges, there is so much technology out there to help stay connected, support and learn in this environment. My classmates and I were able to help support each other’s learning via, twitter, blog post comments and the Slack community.

The way I have helped support my classmates learning was by commenting on twitter, sharing resources and commenting on blog posts. Below are a few examples:

This course has taught me so many ways of how we cans support each other’s learning. Before taking EDTC300, I was never much of a twitter person, but I have really grown to like it. There is such a huge network of University students and teachers who are all willing to collaborate, share, help and contribute to each other’s learning. Even though we are pre-service teachers or teachers already we know that we will never stop learning. One of the things I really liked about twitter was the SaskEd chat we participated in. It was really cool to see everyone sharing their thoughts about certain topics. I am very thankful for this course because not only was I able to help contribute to someone’s learning but my classmates were also able to contribute to my own learning.

Learning Project – Finally Done.

This week, I was able to finally complete my embroidery piece. This piece took me longer then expected but it was all worth it because I am actually quite happy with the results. Once I finished my piece I went to hang it up but since the fabric is light and a bit see through, I noticed you could see the threads that are on the back. I’m sure this happens a lot, so I went to trusty old and searched for ways on how to correct this. I came across a blog called Shiny Happy World, where it shows how to hide the messy back of your embroidery piece. What the author did in this post was put both the embroidered fabric along with another piece of fabric together and then put them on the hoop that way.

Since I had already cut my excess fabric off, this was not possible. So what I did was cut another circle of fabric and just glued it to the hoop from the back. It turned out okay but I think the method used in the Shiny Happy World blog would of been better.

Here is my process of putting on the backing as well as the finished piece.

Messy back with threads everywhere
Extra piece of fabric glued to the wooden hoop
Finished Project

I had a lot of fun learning how to embroider, and it will be a hobby I will continue to do from time to time. There were definitely a lot of learning curves and things that happened that I didn’t expect. to happen, like seeing the threads through the fabric once done and getting tangled a lot! At the end of the day, I am glad I chose this for my learning project as I had a lot of fun and it was nice to have an artistic piece to work on this semester.

Hour of Code

To continue my educational technology learning, this week I explored Hour of Code on This website has multiple different projects to help individuals learn the basics of coding. The project i chose was called “AI for Oceans” the objective of this project was to code the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence robot) to tell the difference between what belongs in the water and what does not.

Here you “code” the AI to let them know what is a fish and what is not.
Once coded AI is tested and let’s the fish stay in the water and throws anything else away.
At the end you will see if you missed coding something. Here you can see a Jerry can I miscoded as a fish

The next level of coding for this game was telling the AI what belongs in the water and what does not, adding other sea creatures separate from fish. In the next level you code AI to distinguish colours and other features.

This project was fairly simple, so I decided to try something else. I found the flappy bird game and it brought back frustrating memories of when I downloaded this game and had a hard time getting past the first few levels. This project was a bit different as you had to stack the code, this project is meant for an older audience compared to the AI for Oceans.

As you can see there was some helpful instructions at the top to help guide you.
Once you got past the previous step, the next one was more challenging and you had to add more code.

I liked the flappy bird hour of code project better then AI for oceans as it was a bit more challenging and unless you got the proper code it would not let you continue to the next step, so if you were stuck it really made you think about what you were doing.

I personally found this activity super fun, I wish coding was part of my elementary/high school education. I think coding is an important thing for students to learn because technology is such a huge part of our life these days. I also think it provides great problem solving and critical thinking skills that are important to learn. In addition to enhancing problem solving and critical thinking skills it also expands the students creativity.