Watch out for the Cyber Sleuth

This week we explored Digital Identity, the importance of it and what it means to have a good digital identity. Digital identity is how we are portrayed online, what information is out there about us, our interests, job title, date of birth, articles whether we put it online ourselves or by someone else. Maintaining a respectable digital identity can be extremely hard these days with how fast information is passed on online, as single slip can ruin your reputation. Even if it was not something you posted, anyone can take anything you did and post it online whether you like it or not. We see this happen to many people, an example would be Monica Lewinsky. As we all now know, Monica had a private relationship with the President of the United States. Once this information was brought to public knowledge Monica states “I was Patient Zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.” In her Ted Talk she talked about how she was shamed, made fun of online, humiliated and our toxic online culture. I think this shows that we need to be thoughtful and careful of our actions, as we have no control of what can be posted online. I think this also shows how we need to be kind while we are online as your comments, words, and ideas of others still apply to your own digital identity. Below is Monica’s Ted Talk on The Price of Shame.

With digital identity being this week’s topic, I have decided to Cyber-sleuth my classmate Brooke Striha to see what I could find. I was able to come across various social media accounts for Brooke, with most of them being private or semi private I was only able to see limited information, like her profile picture and very limited details. I believe Brooke was a gymnastics coach before becoming an Education Assistant at a school in Regina. Based on her pictures I would say Brooke is a happy individual who enjoys the outdoors. I also came across Brooke’s twitter account and her blog. Overall I would say Brooke under shares personal information and shares a good amount of professional information.

I also was curious to see what I could find out about myself. I found links to my social media accounts, an article back from 2009 from when I was in Sea Cadets and a link to a rugby website with information from 2012-2013 when I played rugby with the University of Regina cougars. All information that I am okay having out there. This activity has definitely taught me to be cautious and aware of my digital identity, not only that but how I carry myself on and offline.

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