Learning Project – Getting Tangled

This week I continued working on my embroidery piece. I got my design that I created and transferred over to the fabric. The fabric I am using is light and see through so it was really easy to trace it on. After working on this piece for a little while, I kind of discovered that embroidery is 10% actually embroidering and 90% getting tangled/untangled. I went online to see if other’s have had similar issues and what their solutions might be. To my surprise I was not alone, most people say the same thing. One solution would be to keep your thread shorter but then the downside would be having to re-thread the needle more often. Another advantage to keeping a shorter length of thread is that you do have more control. I decided I was going to do this as I really want this piece to turn out well. Here is my progress so far:

Other solution to help from getting your thread tangled are to use spools, floss holder, a hanger or beeswax. Since I do not have any of these, I decided to go with the small batch option. I also learned that no matter what thread you use or the quality tangling is going to happen and that’s ok! Click here to see the article that helped me fix this issue.

Another issue I was coming across was creating a stich where I did not want it to be and undoing the stitch. I came across the video below on YouTube and I found it super helpful for undoing stiches/knots and tangles.

1 thought on “Learning Project – Getting Tangled

  1. erinzinger

    I’m so glad that you shared your progress on this project, I love how it’s coming together! It makes me frustrated that tangled string is inevitable, so I can’t imagine how you must feel. Has this become any less frustrating throughout your learning project?



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