Learning Project – There’s an app for that.

This week I decided to see if there was any apps out there that could teach and help me how to embroider. I discovered that the selection of apps that teach how to embroider is extremely low. I downloaded two different apps one is called Embroidery by Arlenes Crafts and Love Embroidery Magazine. Embroidery by Arlene’s Crafts was very helpful, it categorizes the stiches into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels . To learn how to complete that stich all you have to do is click on it and swipe left to see how to do it. I found this app super helpful and easy to use. On top of that she has some patterns for sale and some demo’s on certain patterns and designs.

The second app Love Embroidery Magazine was not very helpful from a learning perspective. It is an app that you can read various embroidery magazines in. At first I didn’t know it was a magazine app and I think if I would of known that at first I wouldn’t of downloaded it. Although it does not teach you how to embroider it does give you a lot of ideas for different types of projects. Some magazines are free and some you need to pay for.

For me personally, I’m not sure I would continue to use these applications as I prefer YouTube videos or some other type of video how to. This week for my project I decided to make a piece for a friend who just had a baby in August. I used some of the beginner stitches explained in Embroidery by Arlene’s Crafts. For a first piece I am not disappointed in how it turned out but I know I have a lot more practice to do and stitches/techniques to learn. Below is the finished product.

1 thought on “Learning Project – There’s an app for that.

  1. erinzinger

    Embroidery b Arlene’s Crafts seems to be easy to use as it appears that you can swipe left to the net step in your own time. Is that correct?
    That’s funny that Love Embroidery Magazine turned out to be about embroidery magazines, I didn’t know they were so popular that there needs to be an app for that.
    I bet your friend really appreciated that baby gift, it looks great!



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