Re-Exploring the world of Twitter.

Last week in my EDTC300 class we explored the world of twitter. I have had twitter for a while now but I have never really been active on it, compared to other social media platforms, it never really grabbed my attention. Going back and re-exploring twitter I definitely can see myself using it a lot more. I think Twitter can be an extremely useful tool for both teachers and students to find all sorts of resources, connect with others and collaborate. We also participated in #saskedchat which where a group of educators all talk about different topics based on that weeks questions. I had mixed feelings about participating in #saskedchat at first, but it was actually really fun and it was interesting to see what others had to say about certain topics and questions. I think it is a great way to learn and to explore opinions and thoughts that we would never have had come up with on our own. I think moving forward I would like to be more active on twitter and continue to attend the saskedchats.


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